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January 8, 2018

Today is the first day of the 60-day legislative session! The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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Hot topics section

Governor’s proposed water bill scheduled for Senate hearing
Though there are still some flaws in this proposal from our perspective, we hope this will be a step forward in breaking the logjam that has held up passage of a capital budget. More

U.S. Attorney General marijuana memo
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo rescinding all guidance to federal prosecutors that minimized the priority of enforcement actions against states with legalized marijuana. More

Hearings on Governor’s proposed state operating budget
The Governor’s proposed operating budget is being considered by the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Ways and Means the week of January 8. More

From the director section

2018 session likely to be brief and concise – Cities hope for help to prosper and care for those less fortunate
The 60-day 2018 legislative session is here. Find out what leaders in each of the four caucuses outlined as their priorities, including several that align with our city legislative priorities. More

Things you can do section

City Action Days logoRegister for City Action Days!Certificate of Municipal Leadership program
January 24-25 | Olympia
AWC's popular winter legislative conference is back and packed full of valuable information for cities. Attend this conference to meet with and educate legislators about city priorities, advocate for your city, discover how the legislative process works, engage in the state's policy and budget development process, and ultimately make a difference in your community at the state level. See the agenda and register today!

Media time section

Video screenshot
Washington cities support a faster internet, and we recognize that new small cell wireless technology and facilities are coming. Cities are ready and willing to partner with telecom companies, but we want to do so in a way that protects the rights of taxpayers. Watch this video where Victoria Lincoln explains exactly what is a small cell, what’s in the right-of-way, and why city residents should pay attention to new legislation brought forth by telecommunications companies. Share it on social media! More

Need to know setion

Environment & land use
Military land use compatibility proposal comes back. This bill looks better than last year’s proposal, but we could still use your feedback. More

General government
Hearings are scheduled for Voting Rights Act bills that could impact how city councilmembers get elected. Both chambers will hear bills this week that could change whether your city council elections take place citywide or are divided by voting district. More

Bill would exempt from property taxes properties that are owned by nonprofit entities for the purposes of developing residences for low-income households. More

Bill specifying new requirements for apprenticeship utilization on public works projects will get a hearing. More

Public depository task force finishes work. AWC is supportive of recommendations from Treasurer’s Office & OFM. More

Early hearing on a bill limiting city authority to ban marijuana businesses. Prohibitions must be voter approved. More

Open government
Sunshine Committee recommendations bill on Public Records Act is set for an early hearing. The bill expands public disclosure exemptions. More

Wrongful death bill that significantly increases a city’s liability and costs will be heard on Thursday. More

Bill aiming to address workplace gender discrimination has a hearing on the first day of session. The bill prohibits gender discrimination in employment opportunities and pay. More

Bill to prohibit employers from asking about arrests or convictions will be heard in the House this week. The bill is similar to “Ban the Box” laws that have been enacted in other states and some Washington cities. More

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