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December 18, 2017

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Hot topics section

Governor releases 2018 supplemental budget proposal
The Governor’s budget proposal starts the conversation about changes to the already-adopted budget. Learn what changes he proposes and what new revenues it would generate. More

Voting Rights Act likely to pass early in 2018 session
Proposals to implement a state Voting Rights Act have been introduced and debated in the Legislature for several years. Read about the upcoming version, and what cities need to know. More

From the director section

Legislators return in 2018 with different expectations and challenges – what might it mean for cities?
The balance of power has again shifted in Olympia and how that impacts cities will be a major focus of AWC during a short 60-day session beginning January 8. Find out what we predict to happen. More

Things you can do section

Learn about implementing public records law changes & public records grant funds
The major public records bills that passed in 2017 created a new data collection requirement and a new grant program for some local governments. JLARC recently released a FAQ document for the new public records data collection metrics. The Secretary of State also released information on the Local Records Grant Program. The grants application process will open mid-January and can be used for technology, file room organization, and digital imaging.

Media time section

Explore Washington cities coverExploring Washington's Cities and Towns
Cities are the governments closest to the people. Efficient and effective city governments are the foundation for vibrant communities and economic opportunities. But what makes a city and why does it matter to you? Use this high-level quick read to learn how cities in Washington function. You'll discover how cities budget, how city funds are used, what city governments do, and what city employees do, all interspersed with facts and figures that illustrate the breadth of work that cities do every day to make their communities shine. More


Need to know setion

Budget & finance
SST Mitigation Advisory Committee discusses EHB 2163 implementation. More

Business license workgroup meets to develop model threshold. More

B&O Apportionment task force continues its work. More

Economic development
City officials help AWC narrow in on legislative priorities for economic development. More

Human services
AWC board finalizes legislative priority to address behavioral health challenges. More

LCB report outlines options for regulation of marijuana home grows. More

AWC expresses concerns with Select Committee on Pension Policy recommendation for PERS 1 COLA. More

Paid Family and Medical Leave rulemaking begins this month. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Governor’s 2018 budget proposal includes increased law enforcement training. More

NLC blog article explains how net neutrality is just the tip of the preemption iceberg. More

Joint Transportation Committee hears assessment of Transportation Commission. More

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