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September 11, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced monthly during the legislative interim.

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From the director section

Capital budget and water stalemate continues
Urge your legislators to find a compromise. More

New LEOFF 2 contribution change for third party contracts, timeline update from DRS
The state’s newly-passed operating budget included a shift in pension contributions when the employer contracts with a non-LEOFF 2 employer for services. More

From the director section

Fall is here — Plan to engage with AWC and your legislators
Find out about our process to determine 2018 Legislative Priorities, upcoming Regional Meetings, and how to engage legislators this fall. More

Things you can do section

Regional Meetings logoAWC is hitting the road for Regional Meetings Certificate of Municipal Leadership program
October & November dates | Various locations
Where will we see you this fall? Regional Meetings offer city officials the opportunity to gather over dinner and share insight and news from home. You'll also hear from AWC about what's going on in Olympia, our legislative strategy, what you can do to help, and get a first look at city legislative priorities. Find a meeting near you and register now! More

Regional Meetings logoTalk about your budget challenges
Impacts of state budget decisions on your city's day-to-day operations are not always clear to your legislators. Invite them to be part of your budget updates or briefings.

  • Brief your legislators on your city's budget as it is being developed.
  • Share your challenges and opportunities related to such things as growth, fiscal shortfalls, public safety, infrastructure, and economic development.
  • Give specific examples of how actions by the state influence your budget – positively or negatively.
  • Always thank them, and ask about the state's fiscal challenges. Remind them of the importance of addressing both state and local needs.


Need to know setion

Budget & finance
Task forces on business licenses and B&O tax apportionment began work in August. More

Environment & land use
AWC will be active participant in Ruckelhaus Center’s Roadmap to the Future. More

AWC is engaged with other stakeholders in identifying ideas to address affordable housing and homelessness issues. Share your ideas. More

Open goverment
AGO proposes changes to the public records Model Rules, deadline for initial comment Sept. 29. More

State agency, Labor & Industries, engaging in new rulemaking on occupational lead exposure. More

Rulemaking continues on new I-1433 paid sick leave requirement. More

Public safety & criminal justice
AWC cohosting joint summit on gang prevention and intervention on Nov. 1, sign up today. More

Road usage charge test project to begin in 2018. More

WSDOT soliciting feedback on update to statewide Freight System Plan. More

Media time section

Cities 101: Revenues and expenses video
Cities 101: Revenues & expenses video
City budgets are complicated. And how do city revenues and taxes work, anyway? This short video explains how cities plan and pay for city services and the challenges they face. Share it with your community and on social media to get the word out about city budgets in a way that invites them to get involved. More

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