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July 24, 2017


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Legislature leaves town without adopting a capital budget or addressing water issues
The two remaining issues of the 2017 legislative session are unresolved at end of the third special session. Find out what happened and ask your legislators to keep working, to keep an open mind, and to find a way to get to a mutually-acceptable agreement. More

From the director section

Third special session ends without passage of a capital budget
With session over, AWC is disappointed that the Legislature failed to approve critical funding for numerous infrastructure programs and projects cities rely on, including the possibility that Legislature would have appropriated funds for a Public Works Trust Fund loan list for the first time in four years. More

Things you can do section

Work with your local media
Are there projects in your community that are affected by the Legislature’s inability to pass a capital budget? This could include things like specific projects halted or delayed, jobs lost, etc. that negatively impact your residents. Share the story with your local media. Give them specific examples. This will let your community members know how the issue impacts them at the local level.


Media time section

eLearning iconNew public records laws and what you need to know
If you missed our sold-out public records webinar on July 17, it's now available as an eLearning opportunity on our website. Hear AWC, MRSC, and WSAC staff discuss the new public records laws, legislative background, charging electronic fees, data tracking requirements, the process for clarifying requests, bot requests, training requirements, and other frequently asked questions. More

Need to know setion

Budget & finance
Business license bill goes into effect. Here is a summary of the three main provisions of the bill. More

JLARC releases lodging tax report. More

Department of Revenue releases updated marketplace fairness and streamlined sales tax mitigation estimates. More

New law may require you to update responsible bidder forms. More

Liquor and Cannabis Board releases fact sheet outlining new signage and marketing restrictions for marijuana licensees. More

Open goverment
JLARC releases preliminary guidance on public records reporting. More

Budget includes new LEOFF 2 state/employer contribution shift under special circumstances. More

Public safety & criminal justice
New distracted driving bill now in effect. More

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