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July 10, 2017

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Hot topic section

Long-standing AWC priority marketplace fairness act passes as part of budget revenue package
The state marketplace fairness bill passed during budget negotiations. Learn what’s included. More

Capital budget fate still unclear and linked to water rights fight
Legislators are trying to find consensus on two water rights fights holding up the capital budget. Otherwise, the state faces the very real risk of not passing a capital budget. More

Legislature passes new statewide Paid Family & Medical Leave program
The Paid Family & Medical Leave program passed in the final hours of the budget deals. Find out how it works and what provisions are included in the new program. More

From the director section

Legislature still not finished as AWC begins identifying 2018 priorities
Most of the state’s budgets have been adopted and signed by the Governor, but legislators have yet to adjourn their third special session. Find out what’s left in addition to the capital budget, and how it impacts cities. More

Things you can do section

Thank your legislators!
The 2017 legislative session was long and grueling for legislators. They sorted through a lot of competing priorities and heard from many voices in their communities. Ultimately, legislators made some tough decisions to pass this historic budget. Take a minute to drop them a line and say thanks, particularly if they were a strong supporter of city priorities.


Media time section

Advocacy All-Star video screenshot
Advocacy All-Star Award video
We awarded nine individuals and two groups with AWC's Advocacy All-Star Awards this year, which recognize and celebrate the actions of city officials who consistently advocate for all 281 cities and towns. Watch this short video to see some of this year's winners discussing their strategy when working with legislators. More

Need to know setion

Budget & finance
Property tax bill not addressed in budget negotiations. More

More information on the McCleary education funding agreement. More

Economic development
Tourism marketing effort revived in final hours of budget negotiations. More

New budget imposes restrictions on local marijuana revenue. More

LEOFF 2 state contribution maintained in the 2017-19 budget but other LEOFF 2 changes made. More

Rulemaking continues on new paid sick leave requirement – public hearings set. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Budget includes boost for public defense grants. More

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