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April 24, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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AWC priority public records bills pass Legislature
The Legislature passed HB 1594 and HB 1595 when the House voted to concur on the changes made by the Senate. The bills are headed to the Governor. Find out what the final bills do. More

Business license bill passes Legislature
The House voted on final passage of EHB 2005 and it is headed to the Governor for signature. Learn what the final passed version of the bill does. More

Session in overtime – now what for cities?
The 105-day regular session came to a close April 23 and we’re now in 30-day special session. Operating and capital budgets have not been adopted yet, and it may take more than 30 days. July 1 is when the state needs a new budget or else the government will shut down. More

Track the Governor’s bill signing action
Curious about when Governor Inslee will sign a certain bill passed by the Legislature? Visit the Governor’s website to discover which bills have been scheduled for signing, and when. You can also scroll down to find the bill signing FAQ. Learn how long the Governor has to sign a bill, how to attend a signing, and more.

Basic Law Enforcement Academy needs supplemental funding
Call your legislators now about the need for BLEA funding in both the supplemental budget and the next biennial budget. Both are critical to meet the training demands. More

Budget & finance
State marketplace fairness provisions in HB 2186 and its impacts on cities. More

Economic development
Bill authorizing cities to designate creative districts headed for Governor’s desk. More

Open government
Update on other notable public records bills. More

Bill addressing the permitting of small cell telecommunications facilities likely to be considered during special session. More

Legislature passes transportation budget. More

Bill allows longer bike racks on transit buses. More

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