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April 3, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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House operating budget passes
House passes their operating budget. Negotiations with Senate will begin. More

AWC hot sheet
View our hot sheet to see what policy bills and budget items we support and oppose.

Senate passes capital budget
The Senate passes a very good capital budget for cities. More

Spring into action
With three weeks left before this session is scheduled to conclude, legislators are now focused on resolving budget and policy differences. Get a snapshot of what’s going on in both chambers, find out what’s at stake, and learn what you can do to help. More

Calculate the impact to your city of Senate’s proposed LEOFF 2 contribution rates
The Senate’s budget proposal cuts the state’s contribution to the LEOFF 2 pension system for cities, counties, and other employers. Currently, pension contributions are split among the employee (50 percent), the employer (30 percent), and the state (20 percent). The Senate budget proposal would eliminate the state’s 20 percent share and increase the employer’s share to 50 percent. The new, proposed rate structure is in the table below. These rates exclude the employer administrative expense of .0018 percent. More


FY 2016

FY 2017

Senate budget proposal
FY 2017-19














Budget & finance
Business license bills amended. One of these proposals is likely to pass. More

Property tax and flexibility bills move out of committee. More

Economic development
Bill authorizes local governments to establish creative districts More

60 percent reduction in shared marijuana mitigation revenue in House budget. More

Liquor and Cannabis Board requests comment on agency compliance with local zoning rules. More

Open government
Public records bills still moving in the Senate. More

Bill uses rainy day fund to buy down PERS 1 liability. More

House budget provides funds for paid family leave policy. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Increased BLEA funding provided in the House budget. More

The house rolls out their transportation budget. More

Take action

Budget negotiations between the House and Senate are happening right now. Cities count on state-shared revenues, and during budget negotiations, cities are vulnerable to falling off legislators' radar. Hear from AWC Government Relations Director, Dave Williams, to learn what you can do. More


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