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March 27, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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House proposed budget released
See this week’s From the Director for analysis.

The Senate proposes large pension cost increases for employers of firefighters and police officers
The Senate budget proposes eliminating the long-standing state contribution to the Law Enforcement Officers’ and Fire Fighters’ Plan 2 pension system and requiring the employer (cities and counties) to make up the difference. This change would increase statewide city pension costs by at least $35 million per year. More

House proposed operating budget released today following last week’s passage of Senate operating budget 25-24 – with good/bad news for cities
See this quick comparison of the key city impacts from the Senate budget passed on a partisan vote last week, and what is proposed in the House Democrats budget unveiled this afternoon, which is likely to be acted upon by Friday. More

AWC Lobby Day April 3 – Join a chorus of city voices
The regular 105-day legislative session ends on April 23. It is critical you let your legislators know what is important as they continue their work. We are asking city officials statewide to help keep cities strong by weighing in on final budget and policy negotiations.

On Monday, April 3, we ask you to add your voice in two ways:

  • Join AWC in Olympia for a briefing and then engage with legislators regarding pieces of legislation that will help or hinder the job of local governance. It is essential that we focus efforts on those involved in crafting the budget. More information here.
  • Can't make it to Olympia? You can still make a difference by taking 15-30 minutes to call your legislators. Remind them of what cities need to maintain and strengthen your ability to serve your community.

Whichever method you choose, now is the time of this critical session when legislators are sorting through competing voices and requests to fund or support many things. When legislators hear from cities across the state on the same day, it will be powerful reminder of what is needed to help keep cities strong.

Budget & finance
44 cities with fire insurance premium tax distributions are impacted by proposed formula changes in Senate budget. Cities that receive those distributions should contact their legislators to remind them that these distributions help meet their significant liability for state mandated pre-LEOFF and LEOFF 1 retirement and medical benefits. More

Business license bills keep moving. More

Research and development tax exemption scheduled for hearing. More

Environment & land use
School siting bill moves to the Senate after significant amendment in the House. More

Interruptive service credit bill could impact LEOFF 2 employers. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Law enforcement academy gets proposed funding increase for the 2017-19 biennium. More

Multiple changes proposed to the state’s criminal justice system. More

Senate releases transportation budget. House proposal coming soon. More

Spotlight on Sound Transit vehicle taxes leads to a slew of new bills. More

Working the doors

AWC’s very own Jane Wall brings you these quick tips on how to “work the doors” when you’re at the Capitol in Olympia. Find out how to capture your Senator or Representative’s attention when they’re on the floor. More


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