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March 20, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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This is the week we’ve been waiting for: Senate budget proposal coming
The Senate proposed budget will be released this week. When the budget is released, things will move fast. AWC will assess the situation and notify you through an action alert. Be prepared to act immediately when you receive the alert.

Senators have warned us this proposal will be "devastatingly gloomy." We expect to see significant reductions in the $225 million of state-shared revenues cities receive. There will be a very narrow window for you to call your Senators and ask them to restore devastating cuts to cities. Read From the Director.

  • Learn what cuts to revenues and programs in the state budget would mean for your city. Information about shared revenues your city is estimated to receive 2017-19 is available (select your city in the drop-down arrow box). More
  • Join us for a critical AWC Lobby Day at the Capitol on April 3. This event is scheduled one day before cutoff. Make appointments to meet with legislators, or schedule time on this day to call them from home. It is critical you share the positive or negative impacts of the difficult budget decisions they face. More
  • Use AWC’s legislative directory to find your Senator’s contact information. More

Budget & finance
City business license and tax bills heard last week. Cities continue to work towards a compromise that assists businesses and protects local authority. More

Property tax bill, HB 1764, linking limits to inflation and population growth, and tax flexibility bill SHB 2006 scheduled for committee action. More

The state’s new revenue forecast is positive, but state-shared revenues still at risk. More

City officials storm Capitol Hill in the other Washington. More

New report lays groundwork for a federal Infrastructure Initiative. More

Human services
Cities express concern with bill related to regulation of homeless encampments hosted by religious organizations. More

Cities testify on complicated bill addressing unregulated homeless encampments and youth homelessness. More

Small city mayors show support for Public Works Trust Fund. Letter will be shared with legislators this week. More

Open government
Good hearing in Senate on priority public records bills. More

Costly bill allowing stress-related occupational diseases for police and firefighters set for hearing in the Senate. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Efforts to reform legal financial obligations continue to move through the Legislature. More

Changes pushed on how courts handle informant testimony. More

Relocation assistance bill gets amendment favorable to cities. More


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