Dear Mayors, Managers/Administrators, and Finance Officers:

Your city is one of 44 in the state that receives a share of the state's Fire Insurance Premium Tax, and the Senate's proposed supplemental operating budget, SB 6246, eliminates the tax shared with local governments in fiscal year 2017. The amount your city received in 2015 is available here.

Please call or email your Senator as soon as possible and ask them not to sweep the Fire Insurance Premium Tax shared with cities.

Share these key messages:

  • The Fire Insurance Premium Tax helps cities meet their obligations for LEOFF 1 retirement and medical benefits.
  • The state created the LEOFF 1 system in 1969 and mandated that cities with paid firefighters participate.
  • Due to the high cost, the state closed the LEOFF 1 system after a few years, but obligations for those who entered the system remain today.
  • Cities continue to have significant and expensive LEOFF 1 medical obligations.
  • Each of the 44 cities receiving this revenue has LEOFF 1 members (active, retired, or both).

Please let AWC's Victoria Lincoln or Serena Dolly know when you've contacted your Senator, as we would like to follow up on your efforts. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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