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Bill #:  6115

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Limiting water and sewer utility taxes

Companion bill #: No Companion Bill.

Senate - CMTE - DEAD

Summary/AWC comments

On Monday, January 18, the Senate Government Operations & Security Committee heard SB 6115, a proposal to cap the city utility tax rate on water and sewer businesses at 6 percent. The limit could be exceeded only with voter approval. If a city utility tax rate is already greater than 6 percent, the city must decrease the rate to 6 percent by annually reducing the rate by one-tenth of the difference between the current tax rate and 6 percent. A city would not be required to reduce a current tax above 6 percent if it was implemented with voter approval.

AWC is strongly opposed to this proposal and testified against this restriction on traditional city taxing authority.   

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to limiting tax imposed by a city or town on a water distribution business, a sewerage system business, or water and sewerage system business;



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AWC Contacts

Analyst:  Serena Dolly
Lobbyist:  Victoria Lincoln

Issue Area

Municipal Finance

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