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Employee Benefit Trust

We provide great services at competitive rates

City leaders scrutinize every line item of their budget, including employee benefits. There’s strength in numbers. Our purchasing power gets you excellent coverage and better rates. Our long standing support of health risk-management and employee health contributes to positive cost containment results.

2018 Trust premiums announced

The Employee Benefit Trust Board of Trustees finalized the 2018 premiums. Exact rate amounts will be available on our website mid-October. Plan increase amounts apply to all plans under each carrier, unless otherwise noted. Watch for the October 5 issue of For Your Health for information on plan enhancements and changes.

Look closely at the rate increases – they may be lower than you think! For employers switching from the terminating HealthFirst or Kaiser $10 Copay plans to other plan options – please note that while the rate on those plans is increasing, the terminating plans were more expensive. So for these employers the actual overall rate impact will be a 2.5% – 32.2% decrease, depending on the plan selected.

Rates for medical, dental, and other benefits

View the rates for all available Trust benefits, including medical rates for WellCity Award recipients.


View the current COBRA rates available through the Trust.


View rates for retiree coverage available through the Trust.

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