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Training & Education

Public sector resource management

ABC's of Debt – A Look at Debt Capacity and Long-Term Borrowing

Explore short term and long term debt options, including different ways to borrow and how to avoid depleting your city’s reserves. Recorded: September 28, 2011

Budgeting & Performance: Improving Your Community through Budgeting

Learn how to develop a budget as an element of a community-based vision and goals and plan for a “structurally-balanced budget” which demonstrates accountability for the public money and results. Recorded: November 1, 2012

Lodging Taxes Part I: Beyond the Sunset

In 2007, the Legislature expanded the uses of local lodging taxes but also included a June 30, 2013 sunset. This Legislature passed ESHB 1253 in 2013, which extends most of the current lodging taxes uses for special events, festivals, and non-profit facilities Recorded: June 4, 2013

Lodging Taxes Part II: Get Ready for New Lodging Tax Reporting

Get an overview of the new web-based reporting system and tips on how to enter your city’s data. Recorded: December 15, 2014

Take Budgeting One Step at a Time

AWC’s new online Budgeting Basics series puts you in the capable hands of Redmond’s Finance Director, Mike Bailey. Mike is recognized nationally for his sage approach to budgeting, and now you can benefit from his financial expertise and years of experience. Take a look at the series.

Understanding Utility Rate Setting

Join us as we explore approaches to setting rates and fees and learn how to avoid rate shock while planning for your current and future infrastructure needs. Recorded: October 11, 2012


Many of the on-demand trainings will fulfill CML requirements. Look for the CML bug. When you have finished viewing the on-demand training, click here to let us know and we'll get the CML credit applied accordingly.