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Training & Education

Community planning and development

Can the EZview web portal help you?

Learn about EZview.Wa.Gov and how you too can improve the quality and transparency of your planning, public works or infrastructure decision-making and permit process. Recorded: April 16, 2013

Community & economic development enlightenment: asset-based vs. needs-based

Learn the distinction between needs and asset based economic development. Examine the tools and processes to be effective and hear case examples of what has worked. Recorded: February 21, 2012

Economic gardening/Competitive intelligence: Growing your community from within

This webinar explores how economic developers can focus their attention on second stage companies, identify their needs and develop resources to bring competitive intelligence research to help companies expand and stabilize. Recorded: March 29, 2012

Exploring quasi-judicial land use decision-making

As decision-makers, it is important to have a working knowledge of changing land use laws as failure to properly follow procedures and laws can have significant consequences to the city and as individual decision-makers. Recorded: October 25, 2012

GMA comp plan conversation starters

The starter package is a series of 12 videos, covering everything from roles and responsibilities, budget, and economic development to implementation, and community engagement. Each video is 5-8 minutes long and comes with a set of discussion questions that help you relate the video to your community. More

Grow business first: Using workforce training programs to help local companies stabilize and expand

Economic recovery depends on private sector stabilization and expansion, but firms cannot do this on their own, especially small and mid-sized firms increasingly responsible for economic growth. Many economic development agencies are partnering with workforce development services to offer strong, customized training programs for employees of key companies. Find out what’s different about these approaches, the impact they’re having on companies, and what you can do in your region. Recorded: July 10, 2012

Measuring economic development in the 21st century

Performance measures can help guide the allocation of resources and support your funding requests. Explore options to gauge impact and hear how to manage expectations. Recorded: January 17, 2012

Social media marketing for economic development

Market identification, brand development, and message management all provide the essential foundation of a social media campaign. This session provides the economic developer with first hand exposure to successful campaigns that have been deployed, the essential components of each, and recommendations for optimizing efforts while avoiding pitfalls. Recorded: May 15, 2012


Many of the on-demand trainings will fulfill CML requirements. Look for the CML bug. When you have finished viewing the on-demand training, click here to let us know and we'll get the CML credit applied accordingly.