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Your needs drive our services

AWC focuses on developing quality programs and services at reasonable costs. When it comes to choosing where to buy your local government services, it just makes sense to go with a trusted name.

Join one of our Member Pooling Programs

AWC’s member cities and towns, and public agencies that are Associate Members, can apply to join our Member Pooling Programs. AWC’s pooling programs focus on cost-savings, prevention, and customer service.

Employee Benefit Trust – Providing a broad selection of benefit options and health management programs.

Risk Management Service Agency – Offering comprehensive coverage for property and liability needs.

Workers’ Comp Retro – Helping employers lower risks for on-the-job injuries, reducing overall workers’ compensation costs.

Drug & Alcohol Consortium – Assisting members to fulfil federal-mandated drug and alcohol testing requirements for commercial driver license (CDL) holders.

Increase your capacity with the GIS Consortium

By leveraging the collective buying power of its members, the GIS Consortium gives you the resources and knowledge base to fully implement the right GIS solution for your community.

Post on JobNet

With an average of 13,000 hits a month, JobNet is the place to post municipal job openings in Washington and surrounding states.

Take your community’s pulse

AWC’s electronic voting technology makes your meetings come alive. Use our pulse pads at your next community meeting? Find out how.

Shop with U.S. Communities

Explore a selection of cost-effective purchasing options.