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Bill #:  5923

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Requiring cities to allow for deferral of impact fee payments

Companion bill #: No Companion Bill.

Senate - LAW

Summary/AWC comments

This bill obligates counties, cities, and towns to adopt deferral systems for the collection of impact fees from applicants for residential building permits through a process that delays payment until final inspection, certificate of occupancy, or equivalent.

The bill also requires the Department of Commerce to develop a report on the payment and collection of impact fees from school districts, counties, and cities associated with single-family residential construction building permits.

Cities have the option of setting up impact fee deferral programs now. Some have chosen to do so and have implemented them successfully. Other cities have tried such a program and have chosen not to continue. And many cities have worked with their own local builders and taken other steps to promote more housing construction.  AWC opposes the one-size-fits-all mandate of this bill.

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to promoting economic recovery in the construction industry;


Brown, Liias, Roach, Dansel, Hobbs, Warnick, Chase

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AWC Contacts

Analyst:  Dave Catterson
Lobbyist:  Carl Schroeder

Issue Area

Land Use & Housing

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