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Bill #:  5052

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The Cannabis Patient Protection Act

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The Cannabis Patient Protection Act, Second Substitute Senate Bill 5052, seeks to clarify and reconcile Washington State's medical and recreational marijuana laws. On April 25 Governor Inslee signed the legislation into law.

2SSB 5052:

Establishes the Liquor Control Board as the agency that will oversee both medical and recreational marijuana. Under the legislation the LCB’s name is changed to the Liquor and Cannabis Board and is charged as the agency to develop new rules and regulations governing the medical marijuana industry.

Creates a medical marijuana endorsement to be made available to a marijuana retail licensee. The endorsement may be issued concurrently with a retail license. Medical marijuana–endorsed stores must carry products identified by the Department of Health as beneficial to medical marijuana patients.

Regulates medical use of marijuana through the same structure as established by Initiative 502 (legalizing recreational marijuana).

Clarifies what medical conditions qualify for medical use of marijuana.

Creates a  medical marijuana authorization database (database). Qualifying patients and designated providers who do not sign up to the database may grow marijuana for their medical use but are limited to four plants and 6 ounces of useable marijuana and are provided an affirmative defense to charges of violating the law on medical use of marijuana. Qualifying patients and designated providers who do sign up to the database may grow up to 15 plants for their medical use, are provided arrest protection, and may possess three times the amount of marijuana than what is permitted for the recreational user.

Eliminates collective gardens and replaces them with cooperatives which may only have four qualifying patients or designated providers and must be registered with the Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Makes cooperatives subject to inspection by the Liquor and Cannabis board at any time and subject to the same oversight and traceability requirements that the recreational and medical retail stores are required to meet, including sale to seed requirements. 

Allows for the minors to use medical marijuana if the minor's parent or guardian, and health professional, authorize the minor to do so. Minors may not grow or purchase marijuana, only their parent or guardian who has been determined to be their designated provider may do so.

Governor Vetoes:

The Governor vetoed the section that prohibited employers of health care providers from limiting medical marijuana recommendations to patients. The sections that removed medical marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act and the resulting criminal penalties relating to the newly unscheduled medical products were also vetoed. Finally, the section that would make the bill contingent on House Bill 2136 passing was vetoed.

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to establishing the cannabis patient protection act;


Rivers, Hatfield, Conway

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