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Bill #:  2348

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Providing local governments with flexibility regarding local fireworks ordinances

Companion bill #: No Companion Bill.

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Summary/AWC comments

Rep. Brad Hawkins (R-East Wenatchee) and Rep. Mia Gregerson (D-SeaTac) have introduced HB 2348, that would remove the one year waiting period for local governments to adopt fireworks ordinances. This bill comes on the heels of one of Washington’s most devastating fire seasons in its history.

With an exceptionally dry and warmer-than-usual 2015 winter and spring, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought emergency in June 2015. During that same period, he issued emergency burn bans throughout Washington. Ironically, the way current state law is drafted, no one has the authority to regulate or ban fireworks immediately. Any regulations must undergo a one year waiting period before taking effect. This policy caused grave concern among many of our fire-vulnerable cities throughout 2015. With a strong El Niño before us, forecasters are again predicting a hot and dry 2016.

HB 2348 gives local governments the authority to assess the needs of their communities during times of emergency and crisis and is an important piece of the larger emergency management and response puzzle. 

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to providing local governments with flexibility regarding local fireworks ordinances;


Hawkins, Gregerson, Kilduff, Peterson, Dent, Johnson, Wylie, Haler, Manweller, Dye, Riccelli, Magendanz, Harris, Ortiz-Self, Fey, Klippert, Orwall, Nealey, Kuderer, Muri, Appleton, Smith, Reykdal, Zei

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