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Bill #:  1104

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Authorizing late-comer fees to help recover costs for up-front environmental planning and review

Companion bill #: No Companion Bill.

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Summary/AWC comments

This bill has become part of HB 1717.

Under current law, local governments have the ability to perform up-front environmental review (ie. before specific development proposals come forward) to incentivize and speed up development in specified areas (commonly referred to as "Planned Actions").  The problem is that this work can be expensive for a city to undertake.

This bill would authorize cities to recover at least some of the cost of this up-front planning work by charging late-comer fees on development projects that ultimately benefit.

This late-comer fee authority was part of last years SEPA reform bill, but it was stripped out at the last moment in order to ensure passge of the larger bill.  Last year the business and development community supported this propsal and we are hopeful that they will be supportive again this year.

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to incentivizing up-front environmental planning and review;


Fitzgibbon, Upthegrove, Springer, Green, Ryu, Maxwell, Roberts, Jinkins, Morrell, Pollet, Fey

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AWC Contacts

Analyst:  Dave Catterson
Lobbyist:  Carl Schroeder

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Land Use & Housing

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