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2018 plan changes

All Regence/Asuris plans

  • Maternity care will now be available to enrolled dependent children with the same benefits as currently included for the employee, spouse and domestic partner.
  • Nutritional counseling visits increase from 3 to 10 visits per lifetime.
  • Due to extremely low participation, the smoking cessation program available through Quit for Life is removed. Participants will continue to have access to the more broadly used tobacco cessation benefits under preventive care and prescription medications and other free resources such as smokefree.gov.

Regence/Asuris – HealthFirst 500 and HDHP

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) services are no longer covered. TMJ will continue to be a covered benefit on all Delta Dental and Willamette Dental plans.

Regence/Asuris – HealthFirst 250

  • The routine vision exam benefit is removed. Vision care for medical related conditions (such as diabetes) will continue to be covered under all plans. A routine vision exam will continue to be a covered benefit on all VSP vision plans.

Regence – All plans

  • Custom BlueCard pricing is added to all Regence plans. This provides deeper discounts when receiving services outside the Regence BlueShield service area. All enrollees will receive new ID cards due to this change but otherwise they will see no change in benefit or how they interact with Regence. BlueCard is only available for Regence plans.


  • The frame allowance increases from $120 to $150 on all VSP plans.

Standard – Long Term Disability

  • Increase the maximum benefit period from age 65 to Social Security normal retirement age which can vary by individual.