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Election impacts on the ACA

Members across the state have asked Trust staff (post-election) what we will do if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed. On the heels of that question, we’re asked if Regence/Asuris and Group Health $10 copay plans will still terminate 1/1/18 if the ACA is repealed.

Our answer remains the same. The ACA is the current law of the land. Regence/Asuris and Group Health $10 copay plans will terminate 1/1/18 as planned.

While we know that President-Elect Trump has promised to ask Congress to repeal and replace the ACA early in his administration, it's not likely that significant changes could come into effect until well into 2017, at the earliest.

EBAC and Board of Trustees review and decision

The Employee Benefit Advisory Committee (EBAC) and Board of Trustees reviewed the termination date of the Regence/Asuris and Group Health $10 copay plans earlier this year. This was following the IRS’ announcement in December 2015, that the Excise Tax implementation date was moving from 2018 to 2020.

Ultimately, the EBAC recommendation and Board decision was to continue with the termination date of 1/1/18 for these plans. As the premiums for these zero deductible plans continue to escalate, and employers continue to negotiate employee groups to lower cost, higher deductible plans, the Board felt it prudent to terminate these plans 1/1/18.

Your Employee Benefit Trust staff and legal counsel continue to watch for changes and will be ready to act when changes do occur. The Trust is committed to providing quality benefits and health & wellness resources to city employees and their family members. As always, the Trust will keep you updated on regulatory changes as they occur. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact your Trust staff at 1-800-562-8981 or benefitinfo@awcnet.org.