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Walktover FAQ

What is Walktober?

October is ideal for walking. The temperatures are moderate and colors are spectacular, vacations are over, and the holidays haven’t arrived. Making the most of this great season, Walktober is a 31-day walking campaign designed to:

  • Guide you through the benefits of walking
  • Help you incorporate walking into your daily routine
  • Dramatically boost the amount you walk
  • Inspire you to make walking a priority — in October and beyond.

It’s a perfect time to get into a regular walking routine that will carry you right through winter, then last a lifetime.

How do I move along the route?

Each time you record exercise minutes or steps, you move to the next location on the trail. As you progress you’ll see spectacular fall images and vivid descriptions of that autumn hot spot. It’s a fun, effective way to track and increase physical activity.

What is the goal of the program?

Your goal is to accumulate at least 20 leaves for the 31-day program by recording exercise minutes or steps:

  • 30-44 minutes or 6000-7999 steps =
  • 45-59 minutes or 8000-9999 steps =
  • 60+ minutes or 10,000+ steps =

Any combination of red, orange, or gold leaves counts toward your goal. If you’re just starting out, shoot for 20 red leaves; if you’re already active, aim higher. The idea is to develop a consistent walking routine.

Who can participate?

People all over the world participate in Walktober. The program is being provided for you by the AWC Employee Benefit Trust and your employer. It is only available to those who have a medical insurance plan – either Regence or Group Health – through AWC. And whether you’re just starting out or an avid walker, Walktober gives you simple, motivating tools to track your progress and see results. Consistency is the key — committing to walking at least 5 days a week can help you reach your goal and inspire you to step it up… even after the program is over.

If I have a disability can I still participate in Walktober?

Yes; Walktober’s self-paced, flexible design fits people of all abilities. If walking isn’t possible, be as active as you can in whatever ways you enjoy. If you’re unsure which activities are best, check with your healthcare provider. The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability offers specific ideas.

The Steps Conversion Chart is helpful for equivalents. If your activity isn’t listed, estimate your steps based on the closest in intensity (light, moderate, vigorous). And an odometer can gauge distance in a wheelchair; 5 miles of pushing generally equals 10,000 steps (2000 steps/mile).

How does the tracking device sync to my Walktober account?

Put on your Fitbit or Jawbone in the morning; then each time you sync it with your computer or the app and log in to your Walktober account, you can see your steps add up. Walktober makes tracking easy and fun. For more information, read the Fitbit FAQs, UP® by Jawbone FAQs and Fitbit Getting Started PDF.

What if I forget to wear my Fitbit® or just want to manually enter my activity?

As long as your Walktober account is synced with your Fitbit account, your activity — whether you use a device or track manually — will transfer between. To manually record data:

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Under Log Progress, click Edit (by Steps), then enter the number of steps, and click Save.
  3. To revert back to Fitbit tracking, click Use Fitbit Steps.

If I’m doing an activity that’s not accurately measured with a tracker — like cycling — how do I count steps?

Refer to the Steps Conversion Chart; multiply the number listed by total minutes.

Note: Steps/minutes are estimates, not actual step rates. Actual steps/minute depend on the specific activity, leg and stride length as well as fitness level. For nonstep activities, step equivalents are determined by the metabolic cost (higher intensity = more steps/minute).

What is Sole Mates?

Sole Mates is a buddy feature where you can invite others to a friendly challenge or to offer support as they follow your progress.

How is 60 minutes the same as 10,000 steps?

Technically, it isn’t. But to make dedicated exercise minutes and all-day steps the same points, Walktober uses an average person’s typical movement pattern. For example, after wearing a step counter throughout the day, you might accumulate 3500 steps by the time you get home — without any dedicated exercise minutes. So to get in another 6500 steps, you head out for a 40-minute walk (about 3.25 miles for roughly 2000 steps/mile). Thus, 60 minutes approximately equals 10,000 steps or 5 miles.

Why does someone who walks for 30 minutes get the same credit as someone who runs hard for 30 minutes?

Walktober is designed to encourage people to get out there and move. Some will choose a lower-intensity activity. Others will be training for their tenth race. The idea is to challenge yourself — no matter how fit you are — while practicing healthy habits and having fun.

How does the team competition work?

Registration opens Thursday, September 1; you may begin recording Saturday, October 1. All teams must be formed by Sunday, October 9. The team competition will end on Monday, October 31, but you may update activity until the team scores freeze on Tuesday, November 1.

Team participation reinforces healthy habits with a fun, friendly competition that emphasizes the overall goal of Walktober. Scores are based on the team’s average leaf points, not team total. Each person’s individual contribution affects the team score, so it’s best to form a team with those who will encourage and support each other along the way.

Do I have to join a team or can I go it alone?

Team participation is optional. Although you can participate on your own, Walktober is even more fun when you’re on a team. And numerous studies show that you’re more likely to stick with healthy habits when supported by others.

Can anyone start a team?

Yes. After you register, click the Team link to get started and invite others to join. The person who starts the team is the team leader. Remember, teams consist of 4-5 members — as soon as a fourth person registers and accepts your invitation, your team is official.

Must all teams have 4-5 members?

Yes. A team is not official unless there are 4-5 members. Anyone who isn’t on an official team can still participate in Walktober as an individual, but will not be part of the team competition.

Do team leaders have any special responsibilities?

To make sure 3-4 others register and accept the invitation to form an official team. Other than that, all team members are responsible for recording their own activity as well as encouraging and supporting each other in the Walktober experience. To have your activity count toward your team’s score, you must log by Tuesday, November 1.

Do all team members have to be in the same location?

No. Since it’s an online program, your teammates can be across the hall or around the world. There are some advantages to having teammates close by, but the most important thing is to recruit individuals who are supportive and motivated to be physically active.

What other resources can I access in Walktober?

We’ve compiled the best fitness and well-being websites on the Resources page. Check out the Fall Festivals on the map for information on great events to walk. Plus we’ve gathered some fun fall activities for you and your family to enjoy doing together; look for the link at the bottom of each website page.

What if I have questions about the program?

Use the Contact link at the bottom of each website page. A Walktober representative will respond within 1 business day.