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Talk therapy: Public dialogue helps communities reach common goals

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2013) looks at how public dialogue helps communities reach common goals.

Tapping deep roots: Building for the future by repurposing civic resources

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2012) shows that the "old-to-new" ethos is very much alive. Explore sustainable renovation, grant funding, and development while respecting the past.

The art of engagement: Defining the contours of community

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2010) explores tools for harnessing citizen input. Plus budget straight-talk and strategies for getting input.

The next 20 years in local government

What are the next big things facing local government? In this video, futurist Rebecca Ryan highlights 44 trends in four categories -resources, technology, demographics, and governance - that could impact how local government operates in the next generation.

The people numbers: Cities pursue the formula for stable and sustainable personnel costs

Cityvision magazine magazine (September/October 2012) looks at how a recent legislative decision puts Washington cities on the hook for a huge additional chunk of pension-fund dollars starting in 2013. Explore how we got to this point, how city budgets might absorb the blow, and how city leaders can turn the crisis into a long-term benefit for their communities.

Categories: Cityvision

The tech issue: From open data to selfie close-ups, take your community where it wants to go

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2014) highlights the many technology options cities have to leverage.

Categories: Cityvision

The Ten Commandments of Community Leadership

Through cartoons, this publication provides a set of ideas and tools that leaders can use to strengthen communities and build a solid foundation for innovation and prosperity.

The ugly truth

A video to assist in beginning a conversation about the importance of infrastructure investment with and between legislators, community members and other stakeholders.

Categories: Infrastructure

Ties that bind: Social services partnerships help cities weave new solutions

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2014) helps cities bridge the social service gaps in their communities.

Vital signs: Taking care of the people inside city hall

Cityvision magazine (May/June 2010) show how during tough times, cities thrive by focusing on their human capital – nurturing and promoting their employees’ skills, initiative, and wellness. Get expert perspectives on personnel costs, staff development, and municipal courts.

Categories: Cityvision

Washington paid sick leave recorded webinar

Is your organization’s paid sick leave program compliant with Washington’s new paid sick leave statute, which will take effect January 1, 2018?

WellCity Awards

This AWC award promotes and recognizes innovative and effective city programs that improve the quality of life in their communities.

Categories: Awards

What"s black, white, and read all over?

Get tips from a panel of reports who had a frank conversation with city officials about working with the media in the 21st century.

Categories: Resources, Media

Winds of change: Cities shift with the sharing economy

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2017) explores the sharing economy. Read about how cities are adapting to and in some cases adopting new strategies: from ride sharing and short-term rentals to creative aggregations of community services.

Within reach: Internal and external collaboration lifts cities up

Cityvision magazine (May/June 2016) explores collaboration tools, including developing relationships with individuals and organizations who have a stake in your success, or in whose success you have a stake, a.k.a. "enlightened self-interest." Communication is the key to fruitful collaborations, and active listening and exploring mutual benefits is a critical part of their success.

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