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Basics of Collective Bargaining – Negotiating with Unions in the Public Sector

This manual is the definitive resource for anyone in a public agency involved in the collective bargaining process on behalf of management (only available to management representatives who have been granted access).

CPI data

After monthly updates are released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AWC posts CPI data.

Municipal rates and fees

Dive into a dataset of municipal taxes, fees and utility rates, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

Open Public Meetings Act eLearning

This eLearning training opportunity was created in partnership between MRSC and AWC to provide information on the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). The training is customized for city and town councilmembers and mayors to help meet an important training requirement in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act Training. (CML: Roles, responsibilities, and legal requirements; 1 credit)

Washington City & County Employee Salary & Benefit Survey

Research city and county salary and benefit information, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

Washington State Public Employer Overtime Guide

The Overtime Guide, revised in 2016, outlines the major provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Washington Minimum Wage Act. It provides practical advice to public employers for compliance with these complex laws and minimizing overtime liability.

53 Suggestions for Successful Public Service

Get ideas on how you can govern better.

A look inside the State’s new business licensing service

Nearly 70 cities partner with the Washington State Department of Revenue to issue state and local business licenses through the same Business Licensing Service (BLS). This webinar highlights the state’s one-stop business licensing solution, including recent enhancements.

A study in utility: Maximizing community potential through broadband access

Cityvision magazine (November/December 2017) explores how cities are using broadband connections for more than speed – they are the bridge between equity, efficiency and the community.

A summary of House Bill 2136, comprehensive marijuana market reforms

Passed in 2015, HB 2136 is the Legislature's first effort to amend Washington's recreational marijuana law. Among its numerous provisions, the bill restructures the recreational marijuana tax structure, provides for local revenue sharing and flexibility, and clarifies many of the provisions of the original law. This resources outlines marijuana excise tax revenue sharing for cities.

Advocacy All-Star Awards

This AWC award recognizes and celebrates actions by city officials who demonstrate a commitment to advocating on behalf of all cities.

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All in the mix: Cities thrive by embracing new perspectives

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2011) focuses on embracing all citizens, regardless of age, ability, language, or culture.

Answering the call: Reinventing essential services in challenging times

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2010) shares that city budgets may be pinched – to put it mildly – but communities still expect a variety of municipal services. With tools such as regional collaboration, special purpose districts, and business-savvy infrastructure investments, Washington cities can continue to get things done.

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AWC Center for Quality Communities scholarships

The AWC Center for Quality Communities annual awards scholarship to outstanding high school seniors for post-secondary education. Students are nominated by their city or town.

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AWC’s elected officials’ road map

Elected officials must learn all about their new role, what their city does, and how to inspire change that has a lasting impact on their community and future generations. This road map helps elected officials navigate their first year in office.

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