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A study in utility: Maximizing community potential through broadband access

Cityvision magazine (November/December 2017) explores how cities are using broadband connections for more than speed – they are the bridge between equity, efficiency and the community.

Building blocks: Infrastructure investments that move cities forward

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2010) explores public-private development agreements, responsible urban renewal, Main Street revivals, prompt permitting and more.

Charting a course: Shared goals and shared revenues point the way to recover

Cityvision magazine (November/December 2011) explores what cities do with state and federal funding to ramp up commerce, crack down on crime, and make over their downtowns.

Cross roads: The intersecting priorities of commerce and community

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2013) looks at coal trains, perspectives on transportation benefit districts, rural main-street design, and new case law on culverts.

Leisure time: Investing in visitors attracts local dollars

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2012) explores strategies cities are using to promote tourism, attract visitors, and reap rewards of travel spending.

On the horizon: Forecasting tools for a dynamic future

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2017) explores the future of cities. Read about how cities in Washington are using data and forecasting tools to plan for the future in their communities.

Open Data Portal

Research and data for fact-based decision making, Data is presented in tabular, map and graphic formats on timely topics ranging from city election results to utility rate trends to recreational marijuana revenues.

Rallying the crew: Cities muster local talent to set sail for the new normal

Cityvision magazine (March/April 2011) highlights how cities can align budget strategies with other priorities, from community sustainability to overall quality of life.

Refresh and restore: Finding your community's unique path to revitalization

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2015) features stories of cities that have taken core community attributes and leveraged them for creative revitalization. For any number of reasons, cities and towns statewide can find themselves on the downward side of the progress curve.

Tapping deep roots: Building for the future by repurposing civic resources

Cityvision magazine (July/August 2012) shows that the "old-to-new" ethos is very much alive. Explore sustainable renovation, grant funding, and development while respecting the past.

Winds of change: Cities shift with the sharing economy

Cityvision magazine (January/February 2017) explores the sharing economy. Read about how cities are adapting to and in some cases adopting new strategies: from ride sharing and short-term rentals to creative aggregations of community services.

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