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Published on Friday, April 24, 2015

Budget negotiators will need to resolve different approaches on Public Works Trust Fund

The Public Works Trust Fund is a critical infrastructure loan program and should be maintained as an ongoing and reliable source of funding for local infrastructure. The House proposal funds a moderate loan list. The Senate sweeps another $200 million from loan repayments in the next biennium but also funds numerous local projects, including most on the PWTF loan list (more details below). Reinforce with your legislators that we appreciate their recognition that basic infrastructure is critical, and that you also want to leave this session with a stable infrastructure funding program moving forward.


The House proposal provides $69.7 million for the 2016 construction loan list. No money is allocated for pre-construction or emergency loans. $4.5 million is diverted to fund Growth Management technical assistance and grants (not new revenue for Growth Management, just a shift in where the funding comes from). $7.6 million is diverted to fund Voluntary Stewardship Program under the Conservation Commission.

The Senate sweeps $200 million from Public Works Trust Fund ($100 million each state fiscal year) into the state general fund. Funding for Public Works Board staff is reduced by $300,000. $140 million in bond proceeds is allocated as backfill to cover loans already under contract. The proposal also includes grants (not loans) for many of the city projects that were included in the loan list recommended by the Governor and the House "Local Government Infrastructure Grants" plus some additional projects.