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Published on Friday, April 24, 2015

Personnel bills head to the Governor for signature

While numerous personnel bills were introduced and heard during the regular legislative session, very few made it to the Governor’s desk for signature. When the special legislative session(s) conclude, we’ll do a rundown of the most important bills and their final status. For now, here’s what passed both chambers:

  • HB 1194 allows a surviving spouse of a LEOFF 1 or 2 member killed in the line of duty to continue receiving worker’s compensation benefits even if the surviving spouse remarries. Payments to remarried spouses are paid from the LEOFF system instead of the workers’ compensation system. AWC was neutral on this bill since it will not likely have a fiscal impact.
  • SB 5084 makes changes to the all payer health care claims database that was established in 2014. AWC supported this bill.
  • SB 5510 requires the Department of Labor & Industries to convene a workgroup to develop recommendations to improve the wage calculations under the workers’ compensation program. AWC supported this bill.
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