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Published on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

House releases transportation proposal – Negotiations with Senate set to begin

The House released their transportation proposal on April 13 and it was passed out of the House Transportation Committee the next day. Both chambers report that they will begin negotiations immediately.

While there are still outstanding differences, the chance of a package passing is very promising. Both sides are motivated to get this done this year! Click here for a chart comparing how the two packages address city priorities.

Contact your legislators and urge them to pass a comprehensive transportation package this session. Here are some key points to emphasize:

  • Adopt the House's proposal for direct distribution – Cities need street maintenance funds that they can count on.
    The House proposal includes 50% more in direct distributions to cities than the Senate. Additionally, the House approach is a direct distribution of the increased gas tax that would be distributed to cities automatically in statute. The Senate includes non-gas tax funds that would need to be appropriated each biennium. (See links below for city-by-city distribution estimates.)
  • Increase funds to the Transportation Improvement Board so existing programs can continue.
    Both the House and Senate failed to provide the Transportation Improvement Board with enough funds to continue existing programs. The Legislature needs to dedicate $80 million (rather than the $54 million they've included) to continue funding for small and mid-sized city preservation programs and the LED streetlight conversion program.
  • Retain language for local options – Cities need increased transportation benefit district motor vehicle fee authority.
    Both chambers increase the transportation benefit district motor vehicle fee authority – the House up to $50 and the Senate up to $40.

Also, we encourage you to show your support of the transportation package on social media by sharing your city's transportation needs. Use #TranspoNow.

Click below for city-by-city direct distribution estimates. Keep in mind the dollar amounts are the total that would be distributed over 16-years.