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Published on Friday, January 25, 2013

Public comment and materials prior to final city action

HB 1197 requires a public agency to allow public comment before taking final action on an ordinance, resolution, rule, regulation, order, or directive. Public comment may be taken either at the meeting prior to taking final action or at a prior meeting where notice of the comment period has been provided.

The bill also requires meeting materials related to an ordinance, resolution, rule, regulation, order, or directive to be publicly available before the time for public comment. Governing bodies should post the materials on their websites at least 24 hours before the public comment period, and if not, the materials must be available at the time the meeting begins.

The House Government Operations & Elections Committee will hear the bill on January 31. AWC staff spoke to the prime sponsor, Rep. Pollet (D-Seattle) and agreed to provide comments prior to the hearing. Cities with comments should contact Victoria Lincoln or Serena Dolly

Categories: General government