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Published on Monday, January 21, 2013

Mandatory open government training for city officials

On Wednesday, January 23, the House Government Operations & Elections Committee will hear HB 1198, which requires some public officials and employees to complete open government training.

The bill requires all members of a governing body to complete a 1 – 2 hour web-based course in open meetings and a 1 - 2 hour web-based course in public records. The Attorney General is responsible for creating and providing the trainings to elected officials at no cost. Elected officials must take the course within 90 days of taking office and repeat the training every two years.

The bill also requires all Public Records Officers to attend a public records training that is at least four hours in duration. The Attorney General is responsible for developing this training as well, but the training may be offered in person or through interactive web technology.  Local PROs must attend the training every three years.

The bill allows the Attorney General to certify training provided by other organizations as meeting the training requirements.