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Published on Friday, February 13, 2015

AWC to oppose expansion of interest arbitration and mandatory deferred compensation

Next week AWC will testify against three proposals that could impact city budgets and personnel policies.

On Monday, the House Labor Committee will hear two proposals that expand binding interest arbitration. HB 1122 would extend binding interest arbitration to all fire, police, and emergency dispatchers. HB 1230 would allow the Public Employment Relations Commission to order binding interest arbitration in the case of an unfair labor practice. Due to the high costs associated with interest arbitration, AWC opposes any attempt at expansion.

On Tuesday, the Senate Ways & Means Committee will hear SB 5435, which requires all cities and counties participating in state retirement systems to offer the state’s deferred compensation program. Currently, cities have the option to offer the state’s program, another program, or no program, and some cities have exclusivity agreements with private deferred compensation programs in place. AWC will oppose this state mandate.

Categories: Personnel