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Published on Friday, September 28, 2012

Will the next Governor and other statewide elected officials be responsive to cities?

Many of our statewide elected offices will have new faces after the election – regardless of who wins. No incumbents are running for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State or Auditor. AWC invited candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Auditor who spoke with about 100 city officials during AWC’s first-ever Candidates Forum in SeaTac on September 18.

We opted against a debate-format; instead, each candidate was given a set amount of time to speak without other candidates in the room – 40 minutes for Governor candidates and 20 minutes for all others. Each candidate was provided a series of questions in advance and was asked to address them during their opening remarks. Questions from the audience followed.

Absent for the most part was any partisan wrangling. Instead, candidates thoughtfully responded and engaged with city officials about issues important to helping keep our communities vital and healthy. Click here for a sample of their responses to questions about liquor revenue, transportation, public records, and audits. For those interested, we will soon post a link to the complete forum.

We appreciated all of the participants taking time from their busy schedules to focus on city issues. We’re confident they have a greater sense of what matters to cities than they may have had before this exchange of views.