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Published on Friday, January 30, 2015

Senate launches remote testimony pilot project

The Senate is launching a new remote testimony pilot project. The goal is to give Eastern Washington citizens the opportunity to provide testimony without having to travel to Olympia. While in the very beginning stages of the project, the process is not clearly defined. Testing has been conducted in Spokane and Pasco, but there are no set locations for open remote testifying.

Those interested in providing remote testimony on a particular bill should contact the chair of the committee hearing the bill as soon as the bill is scheduled for hearing. The chair will then decide if remote testimony will be heard and also chooses the remote location. He or she must start the process the Wednesday prior to the hearing, so it is important to contact the chair as soon as possible. The list of Senate committees/chairs can be found here, and the committee schedules and agendas are located here. For more information, contact Senate Committee Services at 360-786-7400.

Categories: General government