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Published on Friday, October 17, 2014

Improving Transportation Efficiency under the Governor’s Executive Order on Carbon Pollution Reduction

Earlier this year, Governor Inslee issued an executive order on carbon pollution reduction and clean energy action. There are many components to this executive order related to reducing carbon emissions and reliance on coal-fired electricity, developing clean transportation and technology options, and improving energy efficiency. One piece specifically requires state agencies to work with local governments and regional planning organizations to improve transportation efficiency.

“The Departments of Transportation, Commerce, and Ecology will work with the Regional Transportation Planning Organizations, counties, and cities to develop a new program of financial and technical assistance to help local governments implement measures to improve transportation efficiency, and to update their comprehensive plans to produce travel and land-use patterns that maximize efficiency in movement of goods and people, and reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.” (Governor Inslee Executive Order 14-04)

AWC along with the Washington Association of Counties, representatives from several regional planning organizations, and the responsible state agencies met for the first time to develop ideas on how to implement this portion of the Executive Order.

AWC Wants Your Feedback

What assistance does your city need from the state to achieve these goals? Is there technical or financial assistance that the state could provide in the planning process? Should more assistance be directed at implementation rather than the planning process? Do you have plans that address these issues, but lack the resources to make the needed infrastructure investments? Your feedback is appreciated on what would be most helpful to cities. Share your ideas with Alison Hellberg.

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