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Published on Friday, August 8, 2014

Public Works Board Approves 2016 Construction Loan List

This afternoon (Friday, August 8) the Public Works Board approved the 2016 construction loan. Per the Public Works Board, the projects recommended for funding will be available for viewing on their website on August 9. The next step is for the Legislature to fund the $125 million loan list.

As we learned during the 2013 session, funding of the loan list is not guaranteed. If you have a project on this list, begin communicating the importance of the project to your legislators now. An effective way to do this is schedule a tour of the project for your legislators before they head off to Olympia in January. Make sure they know what the impacts will be to your community if they do not fund the 2016 construction loan list.

Even if you do not have a project on this list, it is important that you still emphasize to your legislators the importance of funding the 2016 construction loans. The 2013 sweep of the Public Works Assistance Account, and the diversion of dedicated revenue streams were significant hits to the long-term viability of the account. Legislators should know that another sweep of the account could mark the demise of the highly successful and popular Public Works Trust Fund.