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Published on Friday, January 11, 2013

Energy facility siting proposal

Rep. Jeff Morris has shared a proposal that would significantly change the EFSEC (Energy Facility Siting Evaluation Council) and the process they use for siting energy facilities. He is asking for feedback from cities. Please submit your feedback to Dave Catterson.

Highlights among the many changes to the current practices of EFSEC include:

  • Placing the final siting decision for projects that go through the EFSEC process in the hands of the council rather than the Governor, as is the case currently.
  • Removes the minimum size thresholds that limit which facilities can utilize the EFSEC process.
  • Opens the EFSEC process to all renewable energy facilities.
  • Reconfigures the council membership, removing most state agency personnel and replacing them with members of the Forest Practices Board and Growth Management, Shoreline Management, and Pollution Control Hearings Boards.
  • Eliminating the Counsel for the Environment.