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Published on Friday, February 28, 2014

Public Works Trust Fund bill – Still not scheduled for public hearing

SHB 2244, the bill that restores diverted revenues to the Public Works Assistance Account at the end of this fiscal biennium, passed the House on February 18, but has still not been scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. Unfortunately, that committee is only scheduled to meet one more time this legislative session, on Monday, March 3, and there is no indication that SHB 2244 will be heard on that day.

While disappointing, we would still like to thank cities for contacting your legislators. Before session, many legislators were unclear about what had happened to the account last session and some did not really know what the Public Works Assistance Account Loan Program was. Through the efforts of our members, most legislators now do understand what projects were lost this year. It is important that cities continue telling the story of how this program has led to positive outcomes for communities over the years. One example of an effective way of telling the story is this document created by the city of Camas.