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Published on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you for your efforts to keep marijuana revenue bills moving

AWC still needs your help!

Late last week, AWC sent out an Action Alert asking for you to contact your legislators in an effort to get bills moving that ensure local governments receive a share of marijuana taxes.

Your calls and emails helped legislators realize the importance of revenue sharing with its partners, the local jurisdictions. Cities must have resources to address local impacts of recreational marijuana legalization. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts, thank you.

Here is an update of the bills:

  • SHB 2144 passed from the policy committee, was heard in the House Appropriations committee on February 7 and is waiting to be voted upon. At this time, it does not appear that this bill is still moving, but we continue to work on it.
  • SSB 5887 passed form the policy committee on February 7 and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Ways & Means committee. We believe that this bill will be scheduled for a hearing later this week.

February 11 was the fiscal cut-off meaning, bills needed to pass the fiscal committees like Ways and Means in order to continue advancing through the process. However, special rules exist and these bills may be considered necessary to implement the budget, thus allowing them to still advance from committee.

Your help is still needed!

Please continue to contact your Senator and urge them to support SSB 5887. Also, please contact members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee and urge them to hear and pass SSB 5887.

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