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Published on Friday, February 7, 2014

URGENT – Action needed now for marijuana-related bill being heard today

We need your immediate help in contacting members of the Legislature about two very important bills.

Cities' major priority for the 2014 session is securing a sharing of marijuana revenue from recreational sales. AWC is working on two bills, HB 2144 and SB 5887, that provide for marijuana revenue sharing. We need your help now to make sure these bills continue to move before the Legislative committee cutoff deadline Tuesday, February 11.


Please call or e-mail your local legislators and urge them to push for these bills to be voted out of committee. Ask them to:

  • Share marijuana revenue with local governments – Support HB 2144 and SB 5887 and vote these bills out of their respective fiscal committees by February 11.
  • Remove pre-emption language from HB 2144. Cities need to preserve our local control through the use of zoning and ordinance authority. UPDATE: this bill is being voted on at 1:30pm in the House Appropriations Committee – call or email now!

More specific information:

  • SB 5887: Ask your local senator to support and urge the Senate Ways and Means Committee to hear and move SB 5887. SB 5887 provides locals with approximately 10% of the marijuana excise tax collected and it reconciles the medical and recreational marijuana systems. While we want a larger share of revenue, this is a positive place to begin. We must keep this bill moving.
  • HB 2144: Ask your local representatives to support and urge the House Appropriations Committee move HB 2144 that is scheduled for executive session at 1:30pm TODAY. HB 2144 provides locals with approximately 10% of the marijuana excise tax collected. Again, while we would like to see a larger percentage shared with locals, it is a good start and we want to keep the bill moving. Unfortunately, this bill has been amended to include pre-emption of all local authority over marijuana businesses. Please remind your legislators that local control is imperative for cities and ask them to support an amendment to remove that provision from the bill.

Legislator contact information

If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact Candice Bock or Brittany Sill. Thank you for your assistance!