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Published on Friday, January 17, 2014

Two bills introduced to restore funding for the Public Works Trust Fund

Rep. Stanford (D - Bothell) has introduced HB 2244 that would end the diversion of the tax revenues that were formerly directed into the Public Works Assistance Account (also commonly referred to as the Public Works Trust Fund) beginning July 1, 2015. The overall effect is to end the diversion after only two years rather than the six years as called for in the budget deal that passed in 2013.

In addition the bill would direct the transfer of $102 million from the General Fund into the Education Construction Fund. This is aimed at restoring funds that were diverted form the capital budget in 2013.

Sen. Hobbs (D – Lake Stevens) has introduced SB 6120. It ends the diversion of most of the tax revenues after four years, rather than six.

Neither of these bills has yet been scheduled for a hearing but we are hopeful that they will. These bills face uncertain prospects this session due to the fact that they would affect the general fund budget by undoing revenue diversions that were part of balancing the budget for this biennium and the next. At a minimum hearings on these bills would give us a chance to tell our story and educate legislators on the negative impacts of gutting the Public Works Trust Fund. We appreciate the efforts of both bill sponsors.