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Published on Friday, May 24, 2013

Transportation and infrastructure bills that passed

Here’s a brief overview of transportation and infrastructure related bills that passed during the regular session that are of significant interest to cities, and/or will require cities to take action. Click on the bill numbers for more information.

Bill number Descriptive Title Brief Summary
HB 1045 Simplifying the process for cities to set lower speed limits Allows cities to lower speed limits on some streets without having to undertake an engineering and traffic investigation.
HB 1420 Reducing costs associated with public contracts for transportation improvement projects Exempts public improvement contracts that are funded in whole or in part by federal transportation funds from the contract retainage requirement.Allows public agencies to enter into agreements to mutually waive indirect costs associated with a project.
HB 1466 Re-authorizing alternative public works contracting Reauthorizes design build, general contractor/construction manager, and job order contracting procedures and makes modifications to each procedure.
SB 5024 Section 704 Exempting cities from the requirement to report pavement preservation rating information to WSDOT through the 2013-2015 biennium This exemption is included in the transportation budget (SB 5024) in section 704.