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Published on Friday, May 24, 2013

Law & justice bills of interest, signed by the Governor

The following is a list of bills signed by the Governor that may be of to your city.

Bill Title Description
HB 1114 Addressing criminal incompetency and civil commitment Attempts to addresses cases where those who commit violent crimes but are not competent to stand trial would require they be evaluated at a state hospital.
HB 1149 Increasing the volume of spirits that may be sold per day to a customer of a craft distillery This bill authorizes a craft distillery (producing no more than 60,000 gallons of spirits with half of raw materials being grown in WA) to sell the spirits that it produces for off premise consumption up to three liters per person, per day.
HB 1552 Reducing scrap metal theft Creates a licensing scheme for scrap metal businesses. Expands criminal penalties for metal theft and allows for civic forfeiture of any property used in the crime(s). Creates a database for businesses to determine if a potential client has a criminal conviction. Regulates cash transactions.
HB 1612 Felony firearm offender database Requires WSP to maintain a database for those convicted of a felony firearm offense.
HB 1613 Criminal Justice Training Commission firing range maintenance account Requires that the moneys generated from rentals of the firing range be deposited into an account created under the State Treasurer. The monies will be used for maintenance and development of the facilities.
SB 5053 Vehicle prowling, repeat convictions Vehicle prowling in the second degree becomes a class C felony on their third or subsequent conviction. Multiple offenses on one date do not count towards number of convictions.
SB 5105 Rental vouchers for offenders released by DOC Establishes various criteria for housing providers who accept DOC provided housing vouchers. Must comply with local codes and zoning regulations.
SB 5305 Requiring hospitals to report when providing treatment for bullet wounds, gunshot wounds, and stab wounds to all patients Before, hospitals did not have to report these if the patient did not give consent. This was changed and now all must be reported to law enforcement.
SB 5332 Modifying the percentage of votes required to approve benefit charges for fire protection districts Changes the language from voter approval by 60 percent majority to a simple majority.
SB 5484 Concerning assault in third degree occurring in areas used for court proceedings An individual would be charged with third degree assault (regardless of the injuries) if that assault occurred in a courtroom, jury room, judge’s chamber or any area adjacent to these locations.
SB 5797 Encouraging the establishment of specialty courts Clarifies that jurisdictions, not just counties, are allowed to establish specialty courts and therapeutic courts like DUI courts.
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