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Published on Friday, March 8, 2013

Republicans release "Fix it before you fund it" package

House Republicans released their transportation reform package on Thursday. They identified six bills they want to see passed before they will support a transportation revenue package. The cut-off for House bills to move out of committees has already passed, so it is unclear whether these bills will get a public hearing or whether the Legislature will take any action on them.

Some of these bills are directed specifically at WSDOT, but we would appreciate any feedback on these bills because they could become important in discussions related to the transportation revenue package:

  • HB 1236 makes numerous changes to state permitting processes, including requiring decisions on several permits issued by the state within 90 days of application.
  • HB 1619 suspends Growth Management Act requirements in counties with persistent unemployment. AWC would likely oppose this bill if it moves forward.
  • HB 1985 eliminates state and local sales and use taxes on state transportation projects. Clearly this would lead to a significant revenue loss for some cities.
  • HB 1986 requires WSDOT to report engineering errors to the Legislature.
  • HB 1984 limits WSDOT’s tort liability.
  • HB 1989 limits state bonds for transportation to 15-year terms (all other state bonds are limited to 30-year terms).

Please send your comments to Dave Catterson.

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