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Published on Friday, March 1, 2013

Major changes to energy siting

On February 28, AWC testified in the House Appropriations Committee on Rep. Morris's proposal, HB 1374. The bill would significantly change the Energy Facility Siting Evaluation Council (EFSEC) and the process they use for siting energy facilities.

Since the bill could potentially lead to more energy facilities being sited through the EFSEC process rather than through local permitting – including alternative energy facilities of any size – we expressed concerns on local control and community impacts. In further discussions with Rep. Morris, he said that he wants to establish minimum technical standards for siting of alternative energy facilities, but would still allow local governments to have authority on site-specific issues to address community impacts and concerns. He is also open to allowing for the grandfathering of existing local standards that would apply to alternative energy facilities. We will continue to work with Rep. Morris on this proposal.

If you have comments or concerns, please share them with Dave Catterson.