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Published on Friday, January 12, 2018

Cities oppose bill that would add new reporting requirements on public works projects

HB 2407, Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber (R-Republic), has introduced a bill that would require cities to report to the Legislature when a contractor uses materials purchased out-of-state. Cities recognize we have a duty to be accountable and transparent with the public and the Legislature when it comes to our public works practices, but we do have several concerns with the bill as drafted. Notably:

  • e bill assumes owners make material purchase decisions, which we do not. This is done by the contractor. In most circumstances we would not have information about why a purchase was made, so we would not be able to supply that information.
  • This bill is in a section of current law that deals with “original estimates,” but then asks for a report related to actual procurement. The procurement can happen years after an original estimate is developed.
  • If the intent of the bill is to increase in-state purchasing, we do not see this bill incentivizing that. We only see it as creating an additional expense for the city, and ultimately, the taxpayer, because of the work required to generate a new report.

AWC testified in opposition to the bill on Friday, January 12 in the House Capital Budget Committee.

Categories: Infrastructure