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Published on Friday, January 5, 2018

Bill seeks to specify compliance with apprenticeship utilization requirements

Senator Karen Keiser’s (D-Kent) apprenticeship utilization bill, introduced in 2017, is back and scheduled for public hearing January 11 in the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee. SB 5576, specifies that apprenticeship utilization requirements apply to each and every contractor and subcontractor on a public works project, and that labor hours are measured on a per-contractor basis. It also stipulates that noncompliance with these requirements is one of the violations that count toward debarring a contractor from bidding on public works. Finally, it would require the awarding agency, such as a city, to monitor compliance with apprenticeship utilization requirements.

Cities are concerned with the new requirements of apprenticeship utilization due to the fact there are times when there are not enough apprentices available. This new requirement could limit the contractors available for cities to use on a project. Cities are also concerned about the potential burden and liability associated with monitoring for compliance with these new requirements.

Categories: Infrastructure