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Published on Monday, August 14, 2017

Some positive steps forward on the economic development front

Cities made small but significant economic development gains in 2017. Tourism office/authority reinvestment efforts were successful with a $500,000 appropriation dedicated to a new Tourism Marketing Authority in the state. Unfortunately, legislation setting up the authority was caught up in the capital budget drama at the end of session and was not successful in passing. The appropriation is a great step forward, and the failure to pass a bill should not hamper efforts to revive a tourism effort in Washington.

In addition to tourism marketing, bills providing new authorities and funds to cities to promote creative districts and aviation projects made it to the Governor’s desk. For cities with Public Facilities Districts (PFD), HB 1201 extends the time that the PFD sales tax can be collected and expands the eligible uses of the tax revenue.

Bill #

Descriptive title

Final status

HB 1018

Modifying the maximum amount for grants provided to airports and air navigation facilities

Law; Effective 7/23/2017

HB 1183

Authorizing specified local governments to designate a portion of their territory as a creative district

Law; Effective 7/23/2017

HB 1201

Extending the authorization for, and uses of,  local sales and use taxes for regional centers and regional theaters

Law; Effective 7/23/2017

HB 1123

Creating the Washington Tourism Marketing Authority

Did not pass

HB 1823

Authorizing expanded authority to Parking and Business Improvement Areas

Did not pass

SB 5251

Creating the Washington Tourism Marketing Authority

Did not pass