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Published on Friday, June 16, 2017

More examples of impacts if the Legislature fails to adopt a budget before June 30

The state has been communicating about its contingency plan for what would happen if a budget is not in place by the start of the fiscal year July 1, which has never occurred before in our state.

Here are some examples of community impacts of a state shutdown:

  • Most state employees, grant recipients, and contractors have received notices according to the contract terms and evaluation of essential government functions in the event a shutdown becomes necessary, including temporary layoff notices and delays on contracted projects.
  • State parks, wildlife areas, and boating access sites would close. Nearly 11,000 paid camping and overnight reservation holders for the first week of July will need to be notified of park closures and reservation cancellations.
  • Business license activity for the state and partnering cities through the state’s Business Licensing Service will be suspended.
  • Cities would continue to receive distributions of local taxes collected by the state from skeleton crews at the Department of Revenue and Office of the State Treasurer.

For more information on what a government shutdown would mean for cities, and to see copies of communications on the contingency planning, click here.

Categories: Budget & finance