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Published on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Special session update – Where are legislators?

Legislators have now been in session for 122 days – 17 of those in overtime. There are 13 days left in the current special session, but there are no visible signs that legislators are close to a budget agreement. Members had originally planned to be back in Olympia during the week of May 15, but that apparently has been canceled because there’s nothing new for them to consider or vote on.

We hope legislators can find a path to conclude their work in a constructive and bipartisan manner. But it now appears there’s no way to conclude their work during the first 30-day special session, so they’re headed for their second overtime, which will bring legislative session in to June. As a reminder, they need to pass the budget by July 1, or else the state government will begin to shut down.

Where are legislators now?

Most legislators are back home awaiting word from their leadership that there is a budget compromise ready to review and vote on. Their lives are sort of on hold because, on a moment’s notice, they may have to head back to the Capitol. While they’re waiting, it’s an opportune and appropriate time to connect with them, ask how they’re doing, and remind them of what cities need to remain strong financially to support the services needed by residents and businesses.

This week, city officials throughout the state will receive a mailer from AWC. It reminds you of what’s at risk for cities in the state’s budget, provides updates and messages, and shares a link where each city can view specific revenues at stake for your community. View an electronic copy of the mailer’s key messages below.