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Published on Friday, February 3, 2017

Bill gives new authority to Boundary Review Boards

Under current law Boundary Review Boards (BRBs) can take certain specified actions when they review an annexation. HB 1682 and its companion SB 5652 would allow BRBs to “direct all affected jurisdictions to enter into any agreements necessary to address conflicts with the board's factors and objectives prior to ruling on the annexation proposal.”

When making a decision on a proposed annexation the bill would add a new factor for the BRB to consider: “The logical and reasonable nature of the annexation boundaries to ensure that they do not include unincorporated islands, peninsulas, or other jurisdictional irregularities.”

And finally the bill would add a new objective that BRBs are directed to consider: “Equity of impacts on jurisdictional revenues and/or expenses6from the proposed annexation boundary.”

Both versions of the bill are scheduled for public hearings on February 7. If you have comments or concerns with this proposal please share them with Dave Catterson.